Questions about Publishing House
In which country office of the publishing house is located?
RAME Publishers is located in India.
What about ISSN of the journals of RAME Publishers?
All journals of RAME Publishers having an ISSN Number and if new journal is suggested then publisher will apply for ISSN to ISSN National center, India.
When publishing house and journal are started?
RAME Publishers is started in year 2014 with International Journal of Analytical, Experimental and Finite Element Analysis. Two more journals are suggested in year 2020.
What is ‘impact factor’ of your journals?
Impact factor of journals are available on journals homepage.
Is it open access journal?
Yes, it is an open access journal.
Is it peer reviewed journal?
Yes, it is peer reviewed journal.
Which review model is followed by journal?
All research articles are reviewed by at least two reviewers those are relevant to scope of paper. Review process employs double blind review type where both reviewers and authors become anonymous through the process.
How much time you will take to resolve a query?
It will be resolved within 24 hours.
Questions about Paper Submission Procedure
What is paper submission process?
Right now we are accepting papers on email address of respective journals.
What type of paper can I submit to journal?
Authors can submit research or review type paper to the journal.
What is the plagiarism policy? Which software is referred for plagiarism / similarity check?
Journal does not accept paper that having plagiarized contents. Good quality plagiarism software/ tool (iThenticate/Plagiarism X) will be used to check similarity index.

How can I prepare my research/review paper for your journal?
Check author’s guidelines and publication ethics on the journal homepage.
How can I find my paper is suitable for your journal?
You can check aim and scope of individual journal to submit your paper. If scope of paper is not suitable where you sent your paper then it can be transfer to other RAME Publishers journal if authors allow.
Can I send only abstract for review?
No, you have to send full length paper for review process.
How much time will you take for review process?
It depends on reviewer response. It will take at least of 15 - 20 days.
Where can I find paper template of your journal?
It is available in author’s guideline of journal website and also on journal homepage.
Can I sign copyright form on behalf of co-authors?
Yes. Corresponding author can sign copyright.
Questions about Terms & Conditions | Policy | Authors Guidelines | Correction
Can I make any change in the paper after assign of DOI number?
No. it is not allow to make any changes in paper after assigning DOI.
What are the terms and conditions to withdraw my paper?
Author can withdraw paper only before final publication process. But once it is published in journal paper cannot be withdraw from journal. For more details check policies of publisher.
Is any instructions/ guidelines for authors? | What are the Terms & Conditions of the journal?
Yes, please visit journal website and click to ‘Author’s Guidelines’ tab.
How can I see terms and conditions of the copyright?
Please visit journal website and click to ‘Ethics and Policy’ tab.
How much time you will take to resolve a query?
Every query to be resolved within 24 hours
Will you provide DOI for every paper?
Yes, every paper will be assigned by DOI.
What are publication charges of paper in your journal?
An article processing fees for publication in journal is available on all journal homepage.
Shall I receive print version of published volume/issue of the journal?
Yes, author can receive print version of published volume/issue in addition charges available on journal website.
Shall I receive copy of published paper and certification of publication?
Yes, soft copy of published paper and certificate of publication will send on your mail id.
How can I become reviewer / editor / member of the journal?
Send filled membership form available on journal website along with CV.

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