Heat Transfer Enhancement in Tube Heat Exchanger with Ring Sector Insert

[Praveen B ,Venkitaraj K P] Volume 1: Issue 1, May 2014

Influence of ring sector insert on heat transfer , friction factor and thermal performance in tube heat exchanger with water as working fluid was investigated. The experiments were conducted in constant heat flux condition and the flow ranging in both laminar and turbulent region. Measure of heat transfer was based on Nusselt number and the pressure drop study was based on friction factor calculation. Effect of variation of pitch of insert was also investigated. The result shows that the average Nusselt number has an increase of 155% to 200% compared to plain tube. There also an increase in pressure drop compared to plain tube. In all with insert shows a better thermal performance factor.
Ring sector insert, friction factor, Nusselt number .
[1]S. Suresh , K.P. Venkitaraj, P. Selvakumar Comparative study on thermal performance of helical screw tape inserts in laminar flow using Al2O3/water and CuO/water nanofluids, Elsevier Superlattices and Microstructures 49 (2011) 608–622
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