Effect of Nano Additives on Biodiesel Ignition Probability - A Review

[Dhiraj. S. Dvivedi] Volume 1: Issue 1, Dec 2013

The main objective of this paper to discuss the research output of previous research for getting better ignition probability with lower noxious emissions by improving the biofuel quality. Some additives play effective role in biodiesel fuel for improving fuel's quality and minimize the problem without modification engine technology. This paper is a brief review of the possible additives to improve ignition probability of biodiesel fuel used in industries, transportation and domestic utilizations. also this paper presents the results of an experimental investigation, into the effect of various nano additives on the ignition probability of biodiesel, on the evaporation time of a single droplet, on hot surfaces (stainless- steel).experiments are performed at atmospheric pressure. result shows that nano -additives increased the ignition probability of biodiesel and there by more effective for improving engine power than pure Diesel and B5 fuels by 7.78% and 1.36%, respectively. The nano additives are significantly effective on biodiesel fuel for reducing brake specific fuel consumption reached by 13.22% and 10.01%, respectively as compared with pure Diesel. Moreover, the exhaust emissions (NOx, CO and CO2) decreased from the engine using the nano additive in Diesel fuel.
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