Determination of Natural Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Air over an Isothermal Surface

[Amal Sajikumar,Manu M. John,Mathew Joseph] Volume 1: Issue 1, Jan 2014

Natural convective haet transfer from flat surfaces and short cylinders in laminar regions with isothermal conditions have been experimentally studied. The experiments are not conducted in constant heat flux boundary condition. The measure of heat transfer is based on Nusselt number and heat transfer coefficient. The experiments are conducted for different orientations and shape. There is an enhancement of 300% in Nusselt number from horizontal orientation to vertical orientation. Also the effect of shape is studied in this experiment
Isothermal surface, constant heat flux, Nusselt number.
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[4] ] Comunelo R. and GuthsSaulo (2005), Natural Convection at Isothermal Vertical Plate: Neighbourhood Influence, 18th International Conference of Mechanical Engineering.
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