Component Design Verification and Modification of Double Roller Ginning Machine

[S. R. Motghare,J. A. Mansuri,K. S. Rambhad] Volume 1: Issue 4, Dec 2014

Ginning is an energy intensive process. This paper evaluates the energy usage inside cotton gins. The main objective of present research work was to design and develop a modified double roller gin that had a higher ginning rate, less oil and grease contamination to lint and comparatively budgeting cost. Detail design study revealed that present Double Roller (DR) Gin carries several drawbacks. In order to remove these drawbacks conceptual modified models of DR gin were designed using Pro-E software. Best design of modified DR gin found to be simple in operation, energy efficient, requires minimum operational cost, and consumes less spares. Saving in cost compare to present DR Gin machine keeping in the mind of output. This modified design minimized lubricating points and application of grease. This design facilitates precise control over roller pressure. Machine manufacturing is very easy. This machine is very sturdy and operator friendly.
Index terms: Ginning Rate, Lint Quality, Lubricating points, Roller Speed
[1] P. G. Patil, P. M. Padole, A. B. Dahake, K. M. Paralikar, J. F. Agrawal, 2003 “2176 Improving lint quality using modified double roller gins”
[2] Patil, P.G. and P. M. Padole, 2003. “Double Roller cotton ginning machine, its drawback and possible modification”.
[3]W. D. Mayfield, National program leader, cotton mechanizatron and ginning extension, service USDA, Introduction to cotton gin.
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