Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Augmentation through Pipe using Baffles

[Jayshri M. Lanjewar,S. A. Borikar] Volume 1: Issue 3, Dec 2014

Energy saving plays a significant role in industrial development as well as decreasing environmental effect. The necessity of energy saving is increasing because of the current energy prices. Reducing energy cost can be achieved by producing more resourceful devices. Heat exchangers are the most significant apparatuses in the refrigeration, automotives, chemical and process industries. So there is a need for the cost effective, more efficient and compact heat exchanger in the industrial market. In passive heat transfer enhancement strategy the use of inserts in channel is commonly used. Considering the rise in energy demand, effective heat transfer enhancement techniques have become important task . The present paper is a detail study of experimentation carried out and calculations based on that experimentation. According to recent studies inserts are known to be economic heat transfer augmentation tools.
Index Term - Baffle, heat transfer enhancement, Inserts, Augmentation
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