Estimation of Optimal Flight Altitude for Reduction in Fuel Consumption by An Aircraft Engine

[AMANJOT SINGH] Volume 1: Issue 2, April 2014

In this paper, the focus is on increasing the efficiency of the aircraft by increasing the propulsive efficiency of its engine. As we go higher in altitude, there is a change in pressure, temperature, density etc. Hence we shall estimate an altitude where the engine is most efficient by considering all the above given parameters. For this we select various cities of India above which flights transits every day at a particular altitude. For these places we try to use upper air observations (like soundings). The mean of the data which were collected for over 10 years is given as input to MATLAB coding which will simulate Turbofan engine analysis. Output from this MATLAB coding will give us specific fuel consumption (S.F.C) at various altitudes; using this plot we will try to understand how the change in inlet condition affects the efficiency of turbofan cycle. At the end of this paper we will also try to analyze the effect of change of oxygen concentration in burning efficiency and we will find the optimal flight altitude at least over two cities of India.
Index Terms:-
Propulsive efficiency, flight transit, reduction in fuel consumption,optimal flight altitude, turbofan engine, specific fuel consumption.
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[2]Upper Air Sounding Data, university of Wyoming, Laramie USA,
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