Effect of Elliptic and Semi-oval Cross Sections on Collapse Load under In-plane Opening Moment and Internal Pressure

[S. Vijayaragavan,T. Christo Michael] Volume 1: Issue 2, April 2014

A comparison between pipe bends with assumed cross sections, namely elliptic and semi oval to include ovality along with wall thinning was performed to determine the plastic collapse load under in-plane opening bending moment and an internal pressure of 4 MPa using finite element limit analysis based on an elastic-perfectly plastic material considering geometric nonlinearity. Twice-elastic-slope method was used to obtain collapse load from the moment-rotation curve drawn for each pipe bend model considered. The effect of ovality on collapse load is significant and higher for elliptic cross sections for the geometry considered while the thinning effect is negligible for both the cross sections. The study concludes that the use of elliptic cross section is suitable for analyzing pipe bend with ovality.
Index Terms:-
pipe bend, elliptic, semi-oval, twice-elastic-slope, ovality, thinning.
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