Modeling and Analysis of Connecting Rod of Two Wheeler (Hero Honda Splendor)

[Swapnil B. Ikhar,Saifullah Khan] Volume 1: Issue 3, July 2014

The connecting rod (CR) is the main moving parts and an important component of engine. The connecting rod is the intermediate member between the piston and the Crankshaft. Its primary function is to transmit the push and pull from the piston pin to the crank pin, thus converting the reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crank. The main objective of this study is to explore weight reduction opportunities for a production forged steel connecting rod. In this project, finite element analysis of single cylinder four stroke petrol engines is taken as a case study; Structural systems of connecting rod can be easily analyzed using Finite Element techniques. So firstly a proper Finite Element Model is developed using Cad software Pro/E. Then the Finite element analysis is done to determine the stresses in the existing connecting rod for the given loading conditions using Finite Element Analysis software. Based on the observations of the static FEA and the load analysis results, the load for the optimization study was selected. The results are also used to determine degree of stress multiaxiality, and the fatigue model to be used for analyzing the fatigue strength. Outputs include fatigue life, damage, and factor of safety.
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