Multi-objective Economic Emission Load Dispatch with Nonlinear Fuel Cost and non-inferior Emission Level Functions for a 30-bus IEEE test case system

[Prof. Dr. S. K. Dash,Prof . S. Mohanty] Volume 1: Issue 3, July 2014

t-An ideal multi-objective optimization method for economic emission load dispatch (EELD) with non-linear fuel cost and emission level functions in power system operation is presented. In this paper, the problem treats economy, emission, and transmission line security as vital objectives. The load constraints and operating constraints are taken into account. Assuming goals for individual objective functions, the multi-objective problem is converted into a uniqueobjective optimization by the goal-attainment method, which is then taken care of by the simulated annealing (SA) technique. The solution can offer a best compromising solution in a sense close to the requirements of the system designer. Results for a 30-bus IEEE test case system have been utilized to demonstrate the applicability and authenticity of the proposed method.
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