Productivity Improvement of Metal Casting Industry

[Aniruddha Joshi,Prof.L.M.Jugulkar] Volume 1: Issue 3, July 2014

Metal Casting is the process of foundry which has capacity to produce discrete output from raw material. Productivity of metal casting process is nothing but rate of overall production of one organization. Metal Casting process involves pattern making, core making, sand preparation, mold making, melting, pouring and shakeout activities. Several organizations in India followed manual operations to perform these activities. This paper represents the data of manual metal casting operations collected from one organization which produces automotive components. There are various problems identified in industry, low productivity, manual heavy operations, ergonomic problems, ineffective plant layout, process flow problem are represented in this paper. So it is clear from collected data that it affects on profit of organization. The work is done for minimization of these problems. The paper represents solutions, effective plant layout, automatic mold making operation and sequential process flow with minimization of back flow of material helps to solve these problems. The work done is to improve productivity and profit of industry. So this paper represents solution for improvement in productivity and profit of organization.
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