Design and Fabrication of Multipurpose Portable Wooden Table

[Jamaluddin khan,Saddam.H Golandaz,Obed Kureshi3 Shanawaz Khan4 Sachin Madavi] Volume 1: Issue 3, July 2014

In the field of manufacturing engineering product design plays a key role in turns of it geometrical like size, shape and its easiness for users. But in this paper we have to design a single universal table for fulfilling multiple purpose in a single product. Multipurpose wooden table is a table which can transform into tool, chair, comfort chair, tea table, centre table, Tea table, drawing table and dining table and this is achieve with the help of different mechanical linkages such as spring return, sliding joints ,hinges, etc. To prepare our product the type of material should be properly selected considering design, safety and strength. 1. Wood: wood is readily available in market. it is economical. It is easily machine. Less in weight hence good for portability 2. Brass: Has good mechanical properties. it is corrosion resistance. Self lubricating 3. Mild steel: it has high tensile strength. Economical to use. Available in standard sizes. The design of table is made with the help of Pro-E software which help us to make our visualization into reality And with the help of ANSYS software the different stress are found out which acts on our when it would be made.
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