Design, Fabrication & Testing Of a Waterwheel for Power Generation in an Open Channel Flow

[Praful Yelguntwar,Pranay Bhange,Ankit Bahadure] Volume 1: Issue 3, July 2014

Hydropower is the cheapest way to generate electricity today. No other energy source, renewable and non-renewable, can match it. In the developing nation like India, with the increase in population and rise in the usage of electricity is increasing at an alarming rate. The following paper gives an idea about efficient use of water wheels in an open channel flow which gives cheap, low scale power generation solution for simple electrification purpose . This is achieved by a horizontal axis waterwheel attached to a Dynamometer, converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, with the help of a belt and pulley arrangement. The full bridge rectifier allows for electricity to be transmitted in its most efficient form while still being able to power ordinary direct current into pure direct current. Regulator to regulate a current and a battery to store it. The following paper explains the working principle, functioning, design with calculations, challenges, and applications along with future scope of the horizontal axis type waterwheel.
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[4]Regional-scale assessment of energy potential from hydrokinetic turbines used in irrigation channels - A. Bottoa, P. Claps a, D. Ganoraa, F. Laioa.
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