FPGA Implementation of QPSK Modulator Based on Matlab / Xilinx System Generator

[Kaliprasanna Swain,Manoj Kumar Sahoo] Volume 1: Issue 3, July 2014

This paper presents an efficient approach for the implementation of typical communication structures studied in class. This scheme is beneficial where the objective is to implement the physical working of complex DSP or communication structures or algorithms without requiring detailed knowledge of hardware design and hardware description languages. The approach is based on the Xilinx System Generator for DSP tool, which integrates itself with the MATLAB, based Simulink Graphics environment and relieves the user of the textual HDL programming. The purposed design is the QPSK modulator which is then simulated using Matlab/ Simulink environment and System Generator, FPGA design as well as implemented on a Spartan 3 (xc3s-5ft256) Spartan3 starter kit board. The modulator algorithm has been implemented on FPGA using the VHDL language on Xilinx ISE Design suite 13.2.
Index Terms:-
— Xilinx, FPGA, Spartan3, System Generator, QPSK Modulator
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[7] Xilinx System Generator for DSP User Guide, r10.1.1, April 2008.
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